Services and Fees

Dedicated To Social Security Claims

I represent Social Security claims, and only Social Security claims. A focused practice is necessary because Social Security rules are complex. Medical and vocational evidence is complicated. You deserve clear-headed, dedicated representation of a claim that can have lasting effect on you medical and financial well-being.

California and neighboring states

In order to ensure the highest level of representation, I represent clients in California, with a particular focus on clients residing in Northern California. On occasion, I do accept representation in Southern California and states contiguous with California. My practice is located in the East Basy, birthplace of the disability rights movement.


The fee for an appeal is 25% of back benefits, or $6,000.00 (whichever is lower). I follow the standard fee agreement procedure, as provided in Social Security law. I receive payment for my work only if you win.

Deposit on costs start at $500.00. These funds are held in escrow until a decision is rendered in your case, with costs deducted as they are incurred. Additional deposit on costs may be required depending on the nature of the case and distance of the claim’s jurisdiction from my office.