Dedicated Representation of Disability Appeals

PLEASE NOTE: My office is not currently accepting new clients. The case load for 2017 is filled. I will be considering new clients at the start of 2018.

If you would like to be placed on a wait list for future consideration, email to receive a medical and biographical questionnaire. If you return the completed questionnaire along with a recent Social Security earnings statement, you will be contacted in the order in which your material arrives at the office once we begin accepting new clients. Being placed on the wait list is not a guarantee that an offer of representation will be made to you in the future, and your claim may have deadlines or other actions that will need to be performed prior to when my office can contact you about the substance of your claim. This office takes no responsibility for a case until such time as an offer of representation is made and a written legal services agreement is signed by both parties. Even if you request to be wait-listed with my office, it may be in your best interests to contact other attorneys about your case. I apologize for inconvenience, however, demand for representation has been higher than anticipated.

ABOUT MY PRACTICE: I represent clients whose Social Security disability claims are at the hearing level and subsequent appeals. My practice is devoted to representing claimants whose medical diagnoses are complex and even subject to debate within the various medical communities. I take pride in rendering professional services in which I focus on the complexities of medical evidence and legal matters the often occur when a patient has been diagnosed with a disputed disease. I enjoy being able to offer this service to my clients, so they can focus on managing the day-to-day realities of managing chronic illness. My hope, ultimately, is that in securing resources for my clients that may be available for federal disability programs, my clients can feel a restored sense of dignity and respect, and become better enabled to work toward medical recovery.

I handle Social Security disability claims in California and surrounding states. My representation is personal. Even if you have a difficult case, based on a multi-symptom diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or even a lack of a clear diagnosis, I will work with you to prepare as  strong a claim as possible.

Main phone number (510) 984-2992