Services and Fees

Dedicated To Social Security Claims

I represent Social Security claims, and only Social Security claims. A focused practice is necessary because Social Security rules are complex. Medical and vocational evidence is complicated. You deserve clear-headed, dedicated representation of a claim that can have lasting effect on you medical and financial well-being.

Northern California

In order to ensure the highest level of representation, I accept cases in Northern California only. My practice is located in Berkeley, birthplace of the disability rights movement.


The fee for an appeal is 25% of back benefits, or $6,000.00 (whichever is lower). I follow the standard fee agreement procedure, as provided in Social Security law. I receive payment for my work only if you win.

Case evaluation and initial application fees start at $795.00. These funds are held in escrow until a decision is rendered in your case. If you require continued representation for an appeal, these funds become a deposit on costs and the fee structure for an appeal (outlined above) applies.

A deposit on costs may be required.


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