Dedicated Representation of Disability Claims

Whether you are weighing your options or actively pursuing an appeal, you need a trusted professional to help you access your benefits. Social Security disability rules are complex. Evidence can be voluminous, even hard to obtain. On top of it, you’re managing the day-to-day reality of being sick or injured.

You need professional, compassionate representation that can maximize the likelihood of a favorable decision, while treating you with knowledge, dignity, and respect.

I handle Social Security disability claims in Northern California. My representation is personal. Even if you have a difficult case, based on a multi-symptom diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or even a lack of a clear diagnosis, I will work with you to prepare as  strong a claim as possible.

If you’ve been denied benefits, have an appeal pending, or are considering filing for benefits, you need the kind of input only a professional can give. Contact my office today. My firm will arrange a 30-minute consultation at no cost or obligation. We will give you an overview of the process and outline strategies for success. I work hard for you to help you get your benefits and regain control over your life.

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